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My passion for tutoring goes back over 30 years, when I used to help my fellow classmates after school on a variety of subjects, from math to science to literature. Today, I have the privilege of extending that experience to students from kindergarten all the way to university. My approach is very simple and effective: make learning fun and enriching and build a strong one-on-one rapport with the student, something that is difficult to replicate in the classroom.

elearningTutoring since 1995

elearningGet better grades in school.

elearningImprove your confidence and self-esteem with strategies for tackling all your readings and writings.

elearningTutor popular subjects such as math, English, science or general homework help.

elearningGet an expert who can teach mental skill strategies to you as a bonus while you learn your school material.


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* Travel charges may apply ($1 per km) unless meeting is within a 5 km radius from my Côte Saint-Luc residence (H4W1V3). Purchase the hourly rate fee of 30 minutes and avoid travel charges if within 15 km. Add $10 if a second person participates. Maximum $20 per 60 minute session for three or more people and get 30 minutes for free! Any time after 60 minutes within one week will be charged 50% of the hourly rate. 


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