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  I value the field of sports psychology and coach Doron has the tools in delivering the service so that it can improve your performance. I met with him and gave him a step-by-step approach on how I create, recreate and maintain Flow in my sport and you can learn the same techniques that I used in over 1,900 regular season games, thirteen Stanley Cup Finals, and over 261 Stanley Cup playoff games!  

Kerry Fraser

National Hockey League Referee
  I would like to thank Coach Doron for keeping me on track. We would meet in person, with Skype or FaceTime and I certainly enjoyed our meetings. He would consistently send me timely articles that helped me manage some of the challenges I was dealing with during my career. I have used some of the techniques in sports psychology to help me improve my game. I also appreciated the online courses that I can do on my own time 24/7 since as an athlete there were times that I was quite busy yet allowed me to gain mental strength!  

Yan Lehoux

National Hockey League Player
  I would like to thank Coach Doron for going into the Luongo Hockey camp for goalies. He was able to meet with all the goaltenders and determine methods by which to improve their focus and therefore their performance. His workshops also helped sensitize them as to the mental skills associated with excellence. There was nothing but positive feedback from parents and children alike. Thanks again for your help.  

Roberto Luongo

National Hockey League Goalie
  As your student, I just wanted to thank you for coming to teach sports psychology. I think it will help me in my sports life and my regular life. It was a fun. I also appreciate your valuable tips as a hockey referee. As a young official, this will serve me well as I move up on the world of refereeing! Thank you coach D!  

Joe Khazaiy

  I don't like his style; I love it! Coach Doron is working with my soccer Team. He is very knowledgeable in the field. The coupon idea is fabulous. The students are well connected and often engaged into his workshops. I really like the computer e-learning format in addition to the on-field coaching / observation. He has gone out of his way to help me learn a totally untapped field. I feel I have exhausted the physical attributes to maximizing performance and am excited to learn the psychological strategies to improve my teams performance. He has the ability to seek a higher order of learning and maximize on the opportunity to make it a teaching moment.  

Coach Andy Walker

  My son had been having some trouble with math. Specifically, he and his teacher were not seeing eye- to-eye in class. Because of this, his interest, effort, and consequently, his grades, decreased. Having seen his credentials and psychology background, I called Lior in to help motivate him. The one-on-one focus has increased my son's self-confidence in his math skills and, with Lior's incentive program, he became very motivated at performing his best! His grades in his last semester increased by 10%! Thanks Lior for your help! Angela Girardi Manager, Business Insights Pfizer Canada  

Angela Girardi

  Lior has helped me develop skills needed to boost confidence and concentration. My confidence always shifted from high to low but with the tools I acquired from the Flow in Sports elearning system I am always able to maintain the right level of confidence. This helps me concentrate on my task at hand whether it be in my sport, studies, or social life. I now know how to perform well in all areas of my life.  

Alex Kouvakas

National Champion Weightlifter
  The Woodland Tennis Club is in a much better position with Lior Doron managing it.  

Serge Laurendeau

President of QPAT an association over 60,000 Teachers
  Lior has shown exemplary qualities as a professional tennis instructor here at the prestigious Sanctuaire in Montreal. The children and adults learned a lot from his lessons and I strongly recommend Lior Doron.  

Roger Raymond

Tennis Director at the Sanctuaire in Montreal
  Lior has been an active member of our extra-curricular program and has contributed to the success of our student-athletes in football and hockey. His generous involvement with our students has led them to perform at a higher level thanks to his work in sports psychology. His experience at our school has proven to be successful and foreshadows continued success and personal growth.  

Eric Ruggi

Principal Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board
  I am a parent in Montreal and had Lior Doron as a tutor for my son for math in Grade 7. When I first met with Lior, my son was receiving a 40% in math for term 1 (how embarrassing is that?). Tutoring sessions were twice a week at first and then only once a week. By the second term, my son's grades went up to 80%!. The following year, the same thing happened except his mark for the 1st term was 50%. Again, Lior Doron came to our rescue and his marks are up again. This year Lior is tutoring my son from the beginning of the year to avoid all these headaches. Every so often, my son takes online tutoring in addition to the personal tutoring. It's also worth mentioning that I've received several discounts by referring other of my son's classmates to receive tutoring lessons. I have a happy son who is doing well in math and in school and I am happy. Thank you Lior!  


Parent of a student at the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board
  Mr. Doron, I wanted to thank you so much for making me understand in three weeks everything I did not understand all year. It was a pleasure having you as a teacher and for once in my life I actually liked going to school. Thank you for being a great teacher and not making those math class so boring :)  

Student of Mr. Doron

  Mr. Doron summer class for grade 8 was the best. We learned a lot and we had a lot of fun. Right G nibs? Or, the telescope or sunshine :). Mr. D made learning fun. For the first time, I actually understand rotations, translations and all that stuff. I was working so hard that my parents couldn't believe it. Thank you Mr. Doron for caring so much about your students.  

Student of Mr. Doron

  Our daughter has often struggled in math. As parents it was difficult for us to see her deal with her frustration. We then decided to seek Lior's help and hired him as her personal tutor. Lior spent the better part of the year working with our daughter with math problems but also with her organizational skills, exam preparation skills often going above and beyond. Lior's work and extra efforts have helped our daughter raise her overall mark and more importantly instilled in her a strong sense of self confidence. Thank you Lior!  

Avi Elmaleh

Financial Planner
  Lior Doron has been tutoring my son ever since his 6th year (right before high school). In retrospect, his academic life was a mess. He was not doing his homework and totally uninvolved in school. Lior has not only improved his motivation and marks but also my son now has a real interest in going beyond what teachers ask of him. Lior found a way to organize my son's binder, notes and life for that matter. Lior acts a tutor and sometimes more importantly as a mentor. Thank you. I recommend Lior to any parent in Montreal who wants his son or daughter to improve in school and gain a better sense of meaning in their lives.  

Mrs. Cohen

Mrs. Cohen - Very Satisfied Parent in Montreal
  I enjoyed being taught by Mr. Doron because he takes the time to help his students. He had fun with his students and most of all he cared about his students. Mr Doron has a great sense of humor which made me focus a lot more because I knew a funny joke would come up and i didn't quite want to miss it. At the same time, it helped me focus on math concepts. Mr Doron also motivated me because when I did bad on a test he encouraged me and made me see the importance of school. After that, I started caring a lot more about math and all my classes. If you have a chance to possibly get Mr Doron as a teacher you should because your child will enjoy his time and more importantly his support.  

Nikonas Manolopoulos

Nikonas Manolopoulos student at Westwood 2006
  I was not happy with my son's school grades. I knew he could do better but was not sure how I could help. I tried a flow in sports membership with only 60 minutes. After my son immediately clicked with Coach Lior Doron, I am proud to say that I have bought many more times and enjoy the 9 for the price of 10 package. He has instilled confidence and improved my son's self esteem. With flow in sports, my son has been more disciplined and I know that they work together 3-4 times a week. Coach Lior Doron works on a variety of subjects to help him with his homework and I found it useful that he could also help my son play better in the sports that he plays. Although I was skeptical of the results online tutoring or consulting could do, I was pleased to see the results. I suggest that you get it a try!  


Melanie; Happy Mother in Montreal
  I have known Lior since 2002. When I told him that my daughter was having difficulty in math he suggested that we set-up some tutoring sessions. It was the end of the year and she needed a strong mark in order to pass the course. After an intense two week tutoring program, I am pleased to say that Lior got the job done. Lior is patient, understanding and professional. Thank you for all your help. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any parent who wants their child to do better in school.  

Robert Haig Coxon

Robert Haig Coxon, International Artist and Composer
  Lior Doron has my vote of confidence as an academy director. He has put together an excellent program. A feature that Lior recently added that I really liked was his effort in finding kids of similar levels in the camp so that they could develop outside of camp (either in weekly sessions or as tennis partners unrelated to lessons).  

Jack Rosenfield

Jack Rosenfield
  After several years of not playing tennis, I decided to pick up a racket again. I was lucky to have Lior as my first instructor. His patience and skills and have helped me strengthen my ground strokes, gain awareness of my footwork and has increased my speed. I would also like to mention that my serve has become more consistent. My friends are constantly commenting on my continued improvement. After almost 4 years of working with Lior, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve a specific aspect or to someone who may want to improve one's overall tennis game.  

Robyn Croll

Robyn Croll, Recreational Tennis Player
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