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  My friend and I have been taking semi-private tennis lessons with Lior for the past two years. We were beginners when we started and Lior efficiently taught us all the basics of the game upon which we continue to build. His mental skills tips have been especially helpful. I thank Lior for teaching us this sport that I plan to play for years to come. Now, on to those William Sisters  

Nina Silverstone

Nina Silverstone Recreational Tennis Players
  Coach Steve Alexandre (National College Canadian Football Champion) and Coach Lemay from the Laval Liberty High School hockey concentration have benefited using the variety of functions available through the online e-learning platform available through Flow in Sports.  

Steve Alexandre

National College Football Champion
  My season has started out great, the work we did and the work I did on my own really have me off to a good start. I tied my best round of my career so far and my handicap has gone from 5 to 2, 60% improvement. I am leading the Sunday morning group year long'competition' by quite a margin to date, and many I have played at the club for years say they clearly notice a change in my game.  

Dave Lyons

Amateur Golfer in Ontario
  The sports psychology interview allowed me to learn more about my strengths and weakness. I also like the follow up hours that strengthen my weaker skills. I have devoted all the time on mental imagery and now have clearer images and incorporated other senses in which I did not earlier. Thanks for your help.  

Elite Hockey Player

Elite Hockey Player
  Lior is the best tennis instructor in Montreal. He is so generous with the kids and involves himself on and off the courts. I see him driving kids back and forth and (over) extending himself to make the kids happy. I know with six kids on the courts, they all love him. All they want to do is to play tennis with Lior. Thanks so much and I am recommending you to all my friends.  


Sarah - A very happy parent in Montreal
  I am very satisfied after taking a private tennis lesson with Lior Doron. I did not expect that I would learn so much in one hour. It was informative for my technique as well as an excellent for my cardio. I just need to practice now!  

Alain St-Jean

Financial Planner
  Thank you again for your help this year. You are probably asking your self in what you helped me.... Well, There was one week were I was angry about some decision the coach made and things he said to me. I don't remember ever being as mad and frustrated I even felt like quitting. Then I went to your meetings and you said something that I have been repeating to all the guys on the team since... "focus on what you can control". Six simple words made me happy and increased my job in football.  

Elie El-Tawil

Elie El-Tawil # 62 , Offensive Line; Concordia Stingers Football Team
  I tried the sports psychology interview and was amazed at what I learned. I had no idea the field of learned optimism was so important. This allowed me to immediately improve my performance. I would tell anyone that is thinking of improving their sports performance to give this a try. It is a great starting point.  

Amateur Athlete

  My daughter is in a much better place now than she was a year ago. Thanks to you and your work with her.  

Lisa Rennie

Lisa Rennie - mother of an elite swimmer
  Many thanks to Lior Doron and Flow in Sports, for his seminar on coping skills to our officiating staff. Not only did Lior provide a newfound understanding concerning the role and importance of mental skills in officiating, his seminar has played a large part in the increased effectiveness of my staff.  

Ray Kirkwood

Campus Recreation Coordinator @ Concordia University
  Flow in Sports has given me the tools I need to be on top of my game. I enjoyed learning new skills and activities to help me enhance my performance. I found it not only beneficial towards my sport goals but it has also helped me develop a more positive attitude in every area of my life.  

Brandi Burns

Professional Body Builder
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