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free consultation Provincial grant available (busy body / active minds) so that there is no cost to your school. View ready to fill out grant by clicking here. Currently Concordia University, the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board and the Lester B. Pearson School Board (are using Flow in Sports for Teams. See how it fits in with the competencies as required by the educaitonal minister Show me

elearning Provide your team with the latest technological tools to collaborate, learn and flourish together to enhance performance. Popular e-learning platform of moodle ready for use. Show me a video! Two great videos that will convince you.  Video #1: How Moodle Changed a School Part 1  and Part 2 and Video #2: What is a Learning Platform

elearningFind out 47 different things to do using the e-learning platform that is available to you by clicking here

elearning Provide your team with an expert who can teach mental skill strategies to your team to create, recreate and maintain peak performance.

elearning Your team will become mentally tough and reselient!

elearning Competitive monthly packages.

The Concept

Are you a coach, teacher or manager and want to get the most out of your players, students or employees? Interested in conveying your message using the latest online tools available?

Click the video to for more information.

Here's How it Works: Get your team to sign up on our e-learning site and your team name will appear (within 48 hours). The course is designed through moodle (what's this) a popular e-learning platform. Your players click the link, follow the instructions and enter your course. You get access to a coaches guide and tips and tricks to help you organize your team as well as support in making your course effective.

Where do I go from here?

1) Pay and buy a package that best fits your needs. Choose either a 1) Bronze (self serve or regular), 2) Silver or 3) Gold Package. You will be returned to this page once payment is complete.

2) Fill out our free initial consultation form to let coach Doron know 1) your team name and 2) enrollment key that you want to have your players fill out. Let your players know the procedures which will be simiar to this page. Please note a link with your team name will appear. 


Call now for details locally 514.963.FLOW (3569), email , fill out our free initial consultation form, or click below to get a package and get started right away! Remember, as a coach you get online and phone support for free!

Still not convinced?

free consultation Free Trial for one week!

Unsubscribe anytime. Downgrade or upgrade your subscription at any time. Link provided at the bottom of the page or through your pay pal account.

More Reasons Why You Should Try it Who's Using it Now? Read more about our Partners!

Read 47 Interesting ways to use Moodle to support learning

All prices below are in Canadian Dollars.


1: Flow in Sports For Teams (E-learning Package)

You save $125 per month or almost 17%. Price in Canadian dollars.

College Level Add $100: Total up to $850 per month or $8500/year

University Level Add $250. Total up to $1000 per month or $10,000 / year

Self - serve plan is designed for those who have experience with this elearning platform. No support incuded. $50 per month
Get an expert in sports psychology to help you along the way as you build your course and help your team create, recreate and maintain peak performance in sports. Consulting through a toll free number, email, skype or text messages available for the coach, assistant coach or administrator (up to three hours per month).
Get ideas and expertise from coach Doron. He can actively participate and monitor various forums.
No set-up fees!
You don't need your own web site. You can use the Flow in Sports web site as your web site reference. Click here for an example. 
Popular e-learning platform of moodle ready for use.
Custom make your registration process to acquire information from your players.
Quickly send an email to your entire team with a few clicks or send an email to one player.
Create a forum where your players can discuss a variety of issues. Automatic emails can be sent to your players so that they are aware of new events or latest discussion topic.
Create a poll or survey and get answers quickly. Understand your team preferences and desires!
Create a wikipidia in which your players collaborate together on various topics or one in which you and each player can share. What's this?
Chat feature allows your players to socialize together.
Add events on a calendar so that your players can easily see future practices, games and meetings.
Create quizzes, tests that can be automatically corrected giving you instant feedback whether or not your players know what they should know. Easily grade your players and provide feedback so that you are all on the same page. Great for multiple choice, short and long answer questions that you can custom make.
Access to online tutorials so that you can get the most from the e-learning experience.
Privacy and security. All your team data is 100% confidential and is only accessible by you. Nobody can access this information unless given permission.
Get a testing account to make sure the course you design works exactly the way it is supposed to work.
And much, much more! Read 47 interesting things to do with Moodle to support learning.
Email support - get answers to your questions usually within 48 hours.
Coach Doron interacts with your team on various forums and chats).
Up to 60 minutes a month of consulting services on creating, correcting and editing your training or course.
Get access to Mental Performance Consultant Doron's library of sports psychology exercises through e-learning initiatives that will boost your teams performance immediately.
Four hours per month of sports psychology consulting services for peak performance for your team or up to 96 hours per year of individual sports psychology services for athletes within your team.
Get mental performance consultant Lior Doron who travels * to your facility  for a weekly workshops tailor made to your team for up to 90 minutes or receive up to 12 workshops for the season).
Travel * to two practice or game observations included per month (approximately five hours) or up to 24 for the season.
Travel * games included accompanied with the team (one game per month or up to 12 for the season).
Participate in coaches meetings (one per month or 12 for the season).
Offer suggestions and ideas for performance enhancement for your team and your program for the years to come.
Record session and send via link, i.e. email or YouTube channel, $25 per session.

Coach Doron can provide a log of hours for services rendered upon request. 1st day is billed upon planning of the 1st workshop. The reafter, invoices are billed until the end of the month and charged one month in advance. 








Payment Options




Payment Options


Unsubscribe anytime. Use the link below.

College Level Add $100 per month ($850 per month or $8500 / year) University Add $250 per month ($1000 / per month or $10,000 / year). Still have questions? Read out FAQ (frequently asked question) section on Flow in Sports consulting.

If you do not see the price of the package above or have been asked to pay an additional fee, use the buy now button below. You may enter the fee yourself in US Dollars.


* travel within a 50 km radius from the Montreal area. Otherwise, travel fees are extra. 

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