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Last updated: June 20, 2014 

Sports Concentration Teams

Are you currently enrolled in one of the school's teams? This is ideal if you want to improve your mental skills or just want to get mentally tough. You do not even need a reason to get started. Just ask me to help you improve your mental skills. Follow the link depending on your team. 

Juvenle girls soccer team, click here

Juvenile boys Soccer team, click here

Cadet boys soccer with coach Dominic, click here

Cadet boys soccer with coach Jesy, click here

Cosom hockey team, click here.

Ice hockey juvenile, click here

Ice-hockey team, click here.

Basketball team, click here


Math 511-11 click here.

Math 511-14 click here.

chapter 5 (probability) p150 #7 a,b, c, f, p151 activity 1, #1, p152 activity 2, #4, p153 Activity 1, #1, #2, p154 #3, Activity 2, 4, p155 activity #3,#5,6, p156 activity 4,7, p157 activity 5a, 8, p158 read different events, activity 6, p159 activty #9 activity #10, 11, 12, p160 activity 1, 2, p161 1-7, p165 activity 4, 5, p166 #3, p168 #5, 6, p170 #1, p171 #2, p172 #3, 5, p174 #3, p176 #9, p178 #2,3,4, p179 #5,6, p180 #1, 3, 4, p181 # 7,  p182 #1b c, #2, 3.

chapter 5 solutions 

Chapter 4 questions to do: P118 activity 2 & b, P119 recopy and understand top of the page, do activity 3.  P120 #4,5,6,7, P121 #2,3, P122 #4, P124 #1,2,3; P125 #4,5,6; P136 1,2 & 3. 

Chapter 4 solutions 

Chapter 3 questions. Page 79# 1,2,3,4 P.80 # 5,6,7 P.84# 1,2,3 P.85 #4 and 6  P.87 #1,2,3 P.94 #1,2,3 P.103 #1 and p.104 #2 and 3 

Chapter 3 solutions

December exam checklist 

In chapter two, you should study and know all the terms. If you forget some of them put it in your memory aid (double sided 8 x 11 loose leaf with one chapter on one page and the other on the other page. For example,  write down all the terms in chapter two such as what is a connected graph, what is a tree, Euler path, circuit, hamilotian path etc. They are all the boxes in your workbook. Another example, is page 56 when asked what does it mean when asked what is the distance. You should write this means how many edges are connected from start to finish. Chapter 2: Suggested work (pages first, numbers next) i.e. 39 (1,2,4) means page 39 do questions number 1, 2 & 4.: p37, 38, 39 (1,2,4,), 40 (activity 2 a-c,) 42 (activity 4, 43 (10, 11 12), 44 (14 & 15), 45, 46, 47 (1-3), 50 (9, 10), 51 (12, 13), 52 (16, 17,18), 53 (20, 21), 56 (5 & 6), 57 (8,9), 60 (1), 61 (2,4, 5), 64 (activity 3), 66 (11, 12), 67 (13), 69 (15), 70 (evaluation 2 1-14).  Solutions chapter 2

December Review Package with solutions Part 1 Solutions Part B.   Video solutions available! #1, #2, #3#4, #5. Short answers  #12

Are you taking a course with Mr. Doron? Interested in finding out your latest mark with Mr. Doron? Click the link that describes your course number. If you have any suggestions, comments or notice any mistakes, please email Mr. Doron. Please note you should bookmark this page. You should also regularly visit the learn quebec website. and here if you need your username and password. Click here for a step-by-step guide for learn quebec.

Which course would you like information on? Click the course title number. It is extremely important to review some of the commonly asked questions, suggestions and slides that that Mr. Doron goes over in class. They are included in our success tips and resource section. Don't have power point to view the slides? No problem, click here to download the free viewer.

Remember, to download files, the user name is flow and password is coachd

In addition, an extremely useful site is the learnquebec site. You need a username and password to get access to the most valuable pages within the site. Email Mr. Doron if you are a student of his; otherwise, get it from your math teacher. This site is very resourceful and will help you get better grades.

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Courses taught by Mr. Doron

Interested in getting higher marks? Are you a student with Mr. Doron? Interested in improving you math skills, you are at the right place. Which course would you like information on?

Math Secondary V

Topic 1: Inequalities. 

Check out Mr. Doron doing an oral presentation below. 


Mr. Doron's oral presentation which is more challenging...




Blast From the Past

Math: Things that you should know by now but maybe forgot. Take some time to refresh this informatin.


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