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Answers to frequently asked questions with Flow in the Classroom.

What is Flow in the Classroom?

The word "flow" is used to describe a person who performs at their ideal performance state. When you are in flow, you are totally absorbed in your activity and playing at your best. The context was originally described for athletes who play in peak performance or what most athletes call being «in the zone». Flow in the classroom can be used to describe a student who perform at their best level. The word was originally researched by Csikszentmihalyi as early as 1996 and can also be experienced in different walks of life such as a student or person.

How can you work with a student without being in front of them?

Online tutoring is gaining in popularity and has produced very good results for many students. Flow in Sports tutoring is a great opportunity for students who can not meet face-to-face with a tutor or who do not want the expense of travel. You work closely with your online tutor to improve your grades but you do it from the comfort of your own home or from any location and on your own time.

What are the advantages of getting an online tutor?

By getting Flow in Sports tutoring, your son or daughter can ask questions without being shy or having the fear of being embarrassed. It is a convenient way (from the comfort of your child's home) to get help in school in a variety of subjects with 1) homework, 2) test preparation and 3) exams. With chatting software, you also have the ability to see and hear your tutor working on the homework. It is like seeing a blackboard appearing on your computer screen! Minimum computer hardware and software is necessary. Ask us for more details.

Getting Flow in Sports tutoring is in excellent opportunity for students who are struggling in school or those students who want to archive even better grades. Do not miss this opportunity to work with an experienced teacher.

What if I don't have popular free software such as the MSN messenger, yahoo!, skype or AOL. How can I get it?

You can download these popular chatting software for free. This facilitates communication between the online tutor and the student. Your online tutor Lior Doron prefers using MSN as it allows more flexibility and the ability to share application what looks like a "black board". You can downlaod the MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, skype, or AOL instant messagnger. for free.

What is the online tutor's identification or ID for instant messaging?

In order to communicate with your online tutor, you will need his identification or ID. For msn, and skype and yahoo! use ldoronflowinsports as the ID. For AOL users, flowinsports is the ID.

How can my son or daughter take most advantages of your tutoring sessions?

Lior Doron prefers to use skype as the online source to tutor. With a few clicks, you can see live video and hear audio of solutions to your questions. If you can have a similar set-up that would be idea. The best thing to do is to give it a try for free or fill out the free consultation request form.

What is a flow minute and are their differences between using a phone, chatting or video meeting consultation session?

Flow minutes is tutoring time. No, there are no differences in the type of consulting purchased whether it be by phone, email or live chatting software.

I feel uncomfortable talking on the phone. Can I receive online tutoring via chatting software or email exchange only. If so, what is the price?

Yes, you can. Tutoring with your online tutor can be facilitated via email. Here you can exchange emails and have your questions answered. Time is deducted by the amount of time that your tutor composes and reads email. Generally, email solutions are $1 a question and can be more expensive if the question requires more time. We also offer other specials. For the different types of tutor packages, click here.

What kind of payments are accepted?

Flow in Sports accepts payments through paypal which accepts Visa, Master card and American Express. You do not need to be a member of paypal in order to send money. We also accept money orders and certified cheques. Once authorized payments have been received, members take advantage of the Flow in Sports tutoring packages. You can go to the payment page and buy a package that best fits your needs by clicking here.

What exactly is included in Flow in Sports tutoring?

  • Online tutoring sessions over the phone and / or live chatting using popular software such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or skype.
  • Email correspondence in which you communicate questions to your tutor and get responses promptly.
  • A prescription for improving your grades in school.
  • Help with your homework so that you better understand your homework assignments so that you eventually perform better on tests and exams.

How long are the tutoring sessions or the membership packages?

It depends how long you are committed to improving your grades in school. The more consulting time you get or flow minutes, the better rate per hour you receive. Click here to review the packages offered.

Can I contact my online tutor and receive answers to my questions for free?

Yes, we offer answers to your questions for free as a one-time offer. There are several ways to do this. Click here to get your first question answered. Thereafter, we ask that you register and subscribe to one of our tutoring packages.

How do I know how much time I have left?

Just ask and your online tutor will let you know! Time is calculated by the minute. For example, if you have 48 minutes left and ask a quick question to your online tutor that takes 45 seconds, you now have 47 minutes left of online tutoring.

What do I need to know about the expiration date?

When you buy any flow tutoring time such as phone, instant messaging or email, you have three months to use it. Otherwise, your flow minutes are no longer valid and expires.

What happens if I do not use all my flow minutes during the three month expiration date?

When you subscribe to flow in sports or buy flow minutes to discuss creating, recreating and maintaining flow in the classroom, you have three months to use your minutes. Unfortunately, unused minutes after the three months period are lost.

How can I avoid losing my flow minutes or consulting time?

To avoid losing your flow minutes or consulting time, you may purchase additional flow minutes so that you do not lose tutoring time. For example, you have purchased 600 minutes but have not used all the time and are approaching the three month expiration date. To avoid losing this time, you may purchase any other memberships which 1) automatically extends your membership by three more months and 2) automatically adds the number of minutes which would have expired to the number of flow minutes to your new membership.

When will I be told that I am running out of flow minutes? If I am using the phone or the internet as a tutoring session, will our conversation suddenly stop?

No your session will not suddenly stop. We try and put a closure to all sessions so that students are able to tackle the next set of questions or feel ready for the next challenge. You will be told that you are running out of time at least an hour before a consulting session should end, depending on the type of membership purchased. Flow in Sports will do the best to put a proper closure to the conversation so that you feel ready and up for your next challenge.

Can I share or transfer some consulting time with another athlete?

No, when you buy flow minutes, this is purchased for your benefits and is not meant to be transferred to someone else.

Will you be giving my son or daughter homework?

Generally, homework is given to students so that practice can be rehearsed and the concepts discussed are mastered. I know that's not the answer most students want to hear :)

I am interested in telling a fellow student, teacher or parent about your site. Do you offer any rewards if I do?

Absolutely. We are happy that you are enjoying what Flow in Sports tutoring has to offer and appreciate your work in helping us pass the word around. As a fan of Flow in Sports tutoring, you realize how important school work is and getting a good tutor. You would like to tell someone else and feel that you should be rewarded as well. We agree 100% and that is why flow in sports understands the value of word of mouth and as such if you tell a fellow student, teacher or parent about us and they subscribe to any of our services, we offer to reduce your rate by 50% for each package that your friend subscribed. For example, a fellow student has subscribed to a 600 minutes of flow tutoring, you would get 50% off your next purchase of this service or anything of lesser value. This offer is good for seven days after payment has been received and the tutoring time will be valid for three months. If you can refer us many students or know of teachers who may be interested in using our services within their classroom structure, flow in sports would like to hear from you! Email or call us at 1.877.778.FLOW (3569).

I am concerned about a tutor chatting with my son or daughter. I would like to know what was discussed. Can I find out?

Absolutely. We understand your concern about chatting over the internet and the safety associated with this. By chatting with most software's such as MSN or Yahoo!, you can simply see the messages that are exchanged. You may also decide to save theses messages as often important information is presented which may be needed at a later time.

What does my son or daughter need to bring when he / she starts a tutoring session?

For a typical course, here is what is required by the student.

1) Loose leaf

2) Graph paper (if needed)

3) Pencil, blue and red pen, 2 different colour highlighters & eraser... you can put all this in a nice pencil case :)

4) Your binder from class

5) Dividers (to organize your binder). Usually 6 of these are ideal.

6) Text book

7) Scientific calculator (if necessary)

8) Positive attitute :)

What do I need to know about personal tutoring in Montreal?

Whether you are receiving tutoring sessions at home or in the case that Lior Doron comes to see you, please be on time and ready to work. In case you are going to cancel a tutoring session, please advise us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid the cancellation fees - or the cost of the lesson. If you want to save money on your tutoring sessions, click here to find out how.

How do I get started?

Flow in Sports offers online and personal tutoring in three easy steps.

1) Register for Flow in Sports Tutoring.

2) Pay. (Look for the right package for you).

3) Reserve a tutoring session via email or call toll free 1.877.778 (FLOW) 3569 or call local 514.963.3569 (FLOW) to reserve (usually two days in advance). Often what works best is to set schedule i.e. Every Saturday at 1pm or Tuesday's and Thursday's at 4pm. Some parents prefer to have tutoring sessions three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). This depends entirely up to how much improvement is needed by a student (and how "at risk" a student is. It may be safer to get more tutoring sessions at the beginning and once the student's marks improve and the right work habits are instilled then the tutoring sessions become less frequent and may eventually stop. Often tutoring sessions can take place once in a while just to get a "tune up" and reinforce good study habits and to better prepare for tests or exams.

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