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Answers to frequently asked questions


Why do athletes contact mental game coaches?

The most common reason for consulting a sports psychology professional is to improve performance. Many athletes work with a mental game coach because they are 1) not playing up to their potential and know they need help. (2) Many athletes seek assistance in coping with the pressures of competition. (3) To teach youth sport participants and coaches how to maximize sport enjoyment of children. (4) To help athletes and teams learn how to make the team more cohesion, perform better, and gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Who works with a mental game coach or mental coach?

Serious athletes train both their bodies and minds for peak performance. Our clients range from amateurs to seasoned pros, who are committed to improving their mental games. Many teams also hire a mental game coach to help the team excel. We teach athletes in all sports. Athletes range in age from as young as eight years old (we adapt our exercises to challenge the young minds) to as "old" as... the young at hearts :)

Do you work with athletes in all sports?

Flow in Sports works with any athlete, team, or performer that is motivated to improve and open to change. Our programs can be applied to any level of competition including junior, high school, college or professional and we work with individuals as well as teams. Our experience is varied, but we have provided mental skills consulting in a variety of sports. Our services allows us to concentrate on the special needs of each athlete, regardless of your specific sport or performance.

How will we work together?

If we are both in the same city, we can meet in person. We can also collaborate online together. Coach Doron uses google as an online sharing tool. Click here for a video about it and here for the do's and don't. Click here and sign up and that is the first step in getting started.

I am interested in telling a fellow athletes about your site. Do you offer any rewards if I do?

Absolutely. We are happy that you are enjoying what flow in sports has to offer and appreciate your work in helping us become the leading mental skills web site available on the internet. As a member of flow in sports, you realize how important developing and improving mental skills can be. You would like to tell your fellow athletes as well and feel that you should be rewarded as well. We agree 100% and that is why flow in sports understands the value of word of mouth and as such if you tell a fellow athlete or sports team about us and they subscribe to any of our services, we offer to reduce your rate by 50% for each package that your friend subscribed. For example, a fellow athlete has subscribed to a one month package then you would get 50% off your next purchase of this product or anything of lesser value. This offer is good for three months after payments has been received. If you can refer us many athletes or know of teams that may be interested in using our services, flow in sports would like to hear from you! Email or call toll free 1-877-778-FLOW (3569) coach Doron with more information. Just mention this ad. 

Okay, sign me up - what do I do?

The first step is to determine which type of service you would like. Click here to view all of our services and then regsiter. 


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