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What you need to know about Flow in Sports

How do I contact my mental performance consultant and begin a consulting session?

Find out which service you would like by browsing the list of services.

Still not sure which one is good for you. Just fill out the contact form and we'll be pleased to tell you which one best fits your needs and budget.

What kind of approach does Flow in Sports or Coach Doron have? Is shock therapy involved?

The good people from Flow in Sports such as Coach Doron uses a humanistic or person-centered philosophical perspective. In short, this means focus is on positive growth. There is no shock therapy involved although with some athletes that is exactly what they need...

I am working with coach Lior Doron. How should I organize all the exercises that he gives me?

One of Coach Lior Doron's method of improving your game is to get you to work on developing mental skills by giving you specific exercises that you work on. Once you get the exercises, you should organize them in in an online google document. Your mental performance consultant will show you exactly how this works. Most packages also give you access to our e-learning site in which there all the mental skills are organized for you.

Anything in particular that I need to know when working with coach Doron?

Over the years, coach Doron has created a do and don't list. Read it over by clicking here.

At what age do you begin sports psychology consulting?

The younger an athlete, the better it is since the athlete is much more likely to accept new knowledge. Coach Doron has worked in sports psychology with kids as young as five years old and the young at heart of 75!

During what part of the season is it best to work on mental skills training?

The fact that an athlete acknowledges the possibility of working with a mental performance consultant is already a step forward. Sports psychology works not only with problem athletes but also with any athlete who simply wants to improve performance. Mental skills training can be done before the season starts since less pressure exists; during the season as more practical and real life experiences arise; and after the season once you can reflect back on the season and decide what area(s) need work.

How often should I speak with or meet with my mental performance consultant Lior Doron?

At first if performance is affected by mental blocks or performance enhancement is needed via mental skills training, athletes meet with their mental performance consultant several times a week. It can even take place once a week and we also have an option in which you learn mental skills stratgies on your own at your own pace... Sometimes an athlete can meet or talk for a "fine tune up".

What if I don't have popular free software such as the MSN messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, AOL or if I would like to use another software?

You can download popular chatting software for free. The MSN Messenger is available by clicking here, the Yahoo! Messenger by clicking here, Skype by clicking here, and AOL by clicking here. Other chatting software may also be used. Just let us know which one you prefer and send us the link! Coach Lior Doron's favorite method of communicating is via Skype. Facetime comes a close second (or first depending on if there is lag with skype :) 

What is a flow minute and are their differences between using a phone, chatting or video meeting consultation session?

Flow minutes is consulting time. No, there are no differences in the type of consulting purchased whether it be by phone, email or live chatting software.

I feel uncomfortable talking on the phone or using chatting software. Can I receive consultation sessions using email only. If so, what is the price?

Yes, you can. Consulting with your mental performance consultant can be facilitated via email. Here you can exchange exercises and discuss peak performance issues via email. Time is deducted by the amount of time that your mental performance consultant composes and reads email (For Your Information Coach Lior Doron types 50 words a minute).

How are the flow minutes or consulting time reduced?

Flow minutes are reduced in a variety of ways and billed in blocks of 10 minutes;

1) Meeting times (face-to-face, phone, or any chatting software etc.)

2) Reading and writing emails (Don't worry, coach Lior Doron types about 50 words per minute). For instance, reading an email might take one or two minutes while writing one can take one or two minutes.

3) Sending, receiving and correcting your sports psychology exercises. Most of the time, however, the bulk of assignments are all done already. Often, there are only slight modifications that need to be done in order to tailor an exercise for you. Again, this only takes a few minutes.

4) Travel time and game observation. You will be charged for the distance traveled and for game observation at a rate of $50 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour.

You can avoid worrying about time and simply getting one of the unlimited sports psychology consulting package! Your credit card will be billed every month the same amount. This might be a good package to choose especially at the beginning of sports psychology training since there might be a lot of work to do. You can cancel anytime.

How can I work with a mental performance consultant without traveling?

Flow in Sports is a great opportunity for athletes who can not meet face-to-face with a sports psychology or mental game coach or who do not want the expense of travel. You work closely with mental performance consultant Lior Doron to develop your mental skills but you do it from the comfort of your own home or from any location and on your own time. Flow in Sports can be a monthly program that may include online mental skills consulting using one or several popular chatting software, phone and email correspondence. Getting Flow in Sports coaching is in excellent alternative for players who need motivation, direction, and on-going evaluation and feedback. Do not miss this opportunity to work with one of the leading mental performance consultants. Buy a sports psychology package right now!

What is travel time and the cost?

Travel time is the time that it takes coach Lior Doron to see you (at your training facility, your game or at your place). The time is deducted at half price depending on the package you purchase. The most popular package is the weekly sports psychology package and therefore, you won't need to worry how much time it takes for your mental performance consultant to see you! Some restrictions on travel do apply.

What kind of payments are accepted?

Flow in Sports uses paypal as the gateway payment. You do not need to be a member of paypal. We accept Visa, Master card and American Express. In addition, money orders and certified cheques (paid to Flow in Sports) are also accepted. Once certified cheques or money orders have been received and processed, members take advantage of the Flow in Sports coaching packages and start getting into flow right away! To find out where to send the payment, click here

What exactly is included in Flow in Sports?

  • Tailor made sports psychology exercises that you complete and submit for review by your mental performance consultant.
  • A prescription for improving your mental game skills with tailor made exercises that you do and submit to your mental performance consultant for review.
  • Coaching sessions over the phone and / or live chatting using popular software such as MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger.
  • Email correspondence in which you communicate questions to coach Lior Doron and he responds promptly.
  • Help with developing your mental skills and getting you in flow.

How do I schedule an appointment? How does scheduling work?

Once you register for Flow in Sports, you will get a confirmation email usually within 48 hours. You will get a link to view coach Lior Doron's availability and be able to schedule your appointments. You may also contact your mental performance consultant Lior Doron via email and ask for his availability. You might see something like this...

Monday 8:00 - 10:00 (available from 8 in the morning to 10:00 in the morning or up to two hours).

Tuesday 15:00 - (available from 3pm - 11pm).

Remember Coach Doron's business hours are from 9:00 - 23:00. However, you should ask when he is available for sports psychology consultation.

You are not required to take up the full two hours. It is assumed that you consultation will last 60 minutes unless told otherwise. If you plan on discussing issues for longer than or shorter than an hour, mention it via email when you book an appointment. You should therefore schedule an hour for your appointment.

All times are EST (Eastern Standard Time).

How long are the coaching programs or the membership packages?

It depends how long you are committed to improving your mental skills and / or game. The more consulting time you get or flow minutes, the better rate per hour you receive. Click here to review the packages offered.

Can I contact coach Doron and receive answers to my questions for free?

Yes, coach Doron offers answers to your questions for free as a one-time offer. You may even ask for your 1st mental skills exercise for free. After that, you should have a better idea of what to expect and make a more informed decision.

How do I know how much time I have left?

Just ask and your mental performance consultant will let you know!

What do I need to know about the expiration date?

When you buy any flow time (or consulting time) such as phone, instant messaging or email, you have six months to use it. Otherwise, your flow minutes are no longer valid and expires.

What happens if I do not use all my flow minutes during the six month expiration date?

When you subscribe to Flow in Sports or buy flow minutes to discuss creating, recreating and maintaining flow in your sport, you have six months to use your minutes. Unfortunately, unused minutes after the six months period are lost.

How can I avoid losing my flow minutes or consulting time?

To avoid losing your flow minutes or consulting time, you may purchase additional flow minutes so that you do not lose consulting time and your expiration date will be extended. For example, you have purchased the basic individual gold membership package but have not used all the time and are approaching the six month expiration date. To avoid losing this time, you may purchase any other memberships which 1) automatically extends your membership by six more months and 2) automatically adds the number of minutes which would have expired to the number of flow minutes to your new membership.

When will I be told that I am running out of flow minutes? If I am using the phone or the internet as a consulting session, will our conversation suddenly stop?

No. You will be told that you are running out of time a few minutes before a consulting session should end. Flow in Sports will do the best to put a proper closure to the conversation so that you feel ready and up for your next challenge.

Can I share or transfer some consulting time with another athlete?

No, when you buy flow minutes, this is purchased for your benefits and is not meant to be transferred to someone else.

I am interested in telling a fellow athlete, coach or parent of an aspiring athlete about your site. Do you offer any rewards if I do?

Absolutely. We are happy that you are enjoying what Flow in Sports has to offer and appreciate your work in helping us pass the word around. As a fan of Flow in Sports, you realize how important sports psychology is and how a mental performance consultant can help an athlete's performance. You would like to tell someone else and feel that you should be rewarded as well. We agree 100% and that is why Flow in Sports understands the value of word of mouth and as such if you tell a friend about us and they subscribe to any of our services, we offer to reduce your rate by 50% for each package that your friend subscribed. For example, a fellow athlete has subscribed to a 600 minutes of flow consulting, you would get 50% off your next purchase of this service or anything of lesser value. This offer is good for seven days after payment has been received and the consulting time will be valid for six months. If you can refer us many athletes or know of teams or coaches who may be interested in using our services within their team structure, Flow in Sports would like to hear from you! Email or call us at 1.877.778.FLOW (3569).

I noticed you have a promotion or a coupon to save money, how can I use this?

You can benefit from a reduced fee by referring us a new client. Occasionally, we also offer a discount on our services. Just choose a package that best fits your needs and scroll all the way at the bottom of the page and enter the new price of the package. For example, you noticed a coupon for $20 off any sports psychology package and would like to subscribe to the committed bronze package for athletes and this costs $135 for 180 minutes. Just click the buy now button at the bottom of the page (click here to go there now) and enter $115. The same concept applies if you receive 50% off our packages if you refer us a new client.

How do I get started?

Flow in Sports offers sports psychology consulting in three easy steps.

1) Register with Flow in Sports.

2) Pay. (Look for the right package for you).

3) Reserve a consulting session via email or call toll free 1.877.778 (FLOW) 3569 or locally at 514.963.FLOW (3569) to reserve your tim-e (usually two days in advance).

Interested in donating to Flow in Sports as a thank-you for the various services offered? Click below and thank you for your support!


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