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You may receive coupons every time you meet Coach Lior Doron. In addition, coupons are given when you successfully complete 90% or more of your homefun or follow instructions from the Flow in Sports coaches. 


# of Coupons Prize

You may also exchange coupons for prizes from our sister website called the Tennis & Sports Psychology Academy. Click here to see the prize list. Here is our prize redemption table.

10 15 or 20 Travel time (equivalent to price charged i.e. $10 = 10 coupons)
20 $20 cash! 
30 1 hour of online tutoring
Free 1 hour of personal tutoring
50 One hour of personal sports psychology consulting
150 Free unlimited sports psychology for the month (Broze package)
200 Free unlimited sports psychology package for the month for aspiring package (silver package)
250 Free unlimited sports psychology package for the month for aspiring athletes (gold package)

Prize value subject to change without prior notice. Please note that Flow in Sports coupons can also be exchanged for TSPA (Tennis and Sports Psychology) coupons.

How do I get more coupons?

Coupons are usually given every time you see Coach Lior Doron through various services that he offers. You can also receive coupons for doing your homework and your referral.

1 for most times you say a positive sports psychology word (maximum one per class or workshop or practice). Please do not blurt out these words while he is speaking to get a coupon. Does not apply immediately prior, during or after "game time".  

1 for each mistake Coach Doron does (please mention his error in a tactful way while not embarrasing him as he might lose his hair - or whatever is left of it). 

2 for liking Flow in Sports and/or 2 for liking ATPS / TSPA on Facebook. Let us know that's done (once it done). 

10 for each tutoring referral (up to 20 for the same person)

15 for each sports psychology referral (up to 30 for the same person)

20 for each new TSPA referral for camp for one week

Business Partnership

Please provide the coupons to Coach Doron for the gift certificate. 

Number of Coupons Business Detail
0! Plus get up to $302 worth of TSPA Goodies!  Mortgage / Financing with David Perez (more info)
$1 off Boutique 40/30, up to 20 percent on almost all products. More info



Interested in having your buisness on this page? What a great way to increase sales for your business. You can set the limits on the number of coupons you accept. Often, each coupon can be worth 50 cents off with a maximum of 10% off your product or service. Contact us to let us know which product or service you would like to offer with a cheque payable to Flow in Sports. You have three choices: 

Bronze $200 includes up to 50 characters of text 

Silver $350 includes an inner page within the Flow In Sports website in which you can describe your product and service in greater detail, a banner ad on the e-learning website in which athletes are involved in an ongoing e-learning program 

Gold $500 includes $100 of the TSPA summer camp, $100 worth of coupons that you can share with up to five friends so that they can enjoy $100 off of a tennis camp, a left-side banner ad on the Flow in Sports website, a clinic, and up to three private tennis lessons

The Fine Print Below about Flow in Sports Business Partnership

Your ad will expire September 30th 

Flow in Sports is not responsible for services rendered between companies and clients. 

Court fee not included at the Caldwell Tennis Courts nor the non-member fee at the Woodland Tennis Club. 

More Prizes & Rewards! M

M15B in Côte Saint-Luc, click here for other prizes! 

Laval Liberty Students, click here for other prizes! 

Lake of Two Mountains Students, click here for other prizes! 

Lake of Two Mountains Hockey Students, click here for other prizes! 

TSPA and Flow in Sports staff, click here.


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