Coaching at Laurier Senior & Laval Liberty High School
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Coaching at Laurier Senior / Laval Liberty High School

Congrats in coaching at Laurier Senior and or Laval Liberty. This page will walk you through many of our frequently asked questions. 


How can I reserve the gym?

We use an online calendar sharing system located at Username is lavallibertysenior and password is coachingwithpassion Video below that can walk you through the process. 

Once you login click the 3x3 icon and then the calendar button. Reserve your spots carefully ie. your activity and then enter how many gyms you need i.e. 1 or 2 gyms. There are many assumptions such as the football team takes two gyms (as of January - April) and so does the indoor soccer season (as of November), basketball and cosom hockey. Take a look at this picture for an example.  Keep in mind an indoor soccer game takes 2 gyms and so does ball hockey, basketball and football. Rock climbing and cheerleading can share one gym. We have technically 4 gyms but when we play a sport such as basketball, soccer or football, this occupies 2 gyms. Please book your space at the appropriate time and in consideration of the above. There may be times that you do not have access to the gym since we are full. Please also keep in mind that certain rentals reserve the gym by 6:30pm so your activity should end by 6:15pm. Please make sure you cancel your reservation by 8pm the night before (or earlier if you know you won't need the gym) in the case you do not need the space. There are times that other people may need the space or when someone is present to supervise a practice or game.

How can I make announcments?

Download the form for Laurier Senior by clicking here. Then, go in Diana's office in room A206 before 8:15am and put it in the folder daily announcements or in the top shelf. Examples of what you can write can be   attention juvenile basketball team, there will be a practice on (date) at 3:30pm in the gym. Another example, reminder to the juvenile basketball team that there is a game on (date) and that we will meet near the boy's locker room for a team departure at (list time here).

How do I print out my game sheets?

Video below that gives you an example. 


How can I print a blank score sheet?

Sometimes the sport laval site is down or for whatever reason, you need a blank sheet. Click here to download it for soccer or here for basketball. 


I have an away game, where should I have the team meet for the bus?

For outdoor soccer, we tell the bus company to meet us near the rink in the back of the school. Players can then congregate near the locker room. For all other sports please follow the following procedure:

In the case that you have an away game, please call a taxi 15 minutes before you are ready to leave. Count how many people you have in total (including coaches) and inform the taxi company. Ask for a van if available to save on cost. The number is 450-688-8700 and mention contract number 048.  Our school address is 3200  Boulevard de Souvenir. You can have them meet the team in the front parking lot or if more convenient in the back of the school near the rink. However, please note as of 3:30, the gate will be closed thus not allowing any cars near the outside rink. 


    You should go see Dianna before 4pm to get cash. If for whatever reason she is not there, if you pay for the taxi, keep the receipt and you'll get reimbursed. In both cases (if she gives you money for the taxi or you pay for the taxi), keep the receipt and then give the receipt and any left-over change back to Dianna. Dianna has also offered coaches a fee in case someone wants to drive the athletes to and from the game i.e. approximately $10-15. All of our away games are up to 15 minutes away and often less.

What is the registration form?

Registration forms can be downloaded for the following sports.

In basketball, click here.

In cosom hockey, click here.

In hockey, click here.

In indoor soccer, click here.

In outdoor soccer, click here.

What does the school calendar and all the school days look like?

Click here to see what it looks like.


During home games only, we need to report the score back to RSEQ by noon the next day. Login to the site by clicking here and then RSEQ laval (or the league that you are involved in). Click "saisie des resultat". The username is lshs and password is lshs. For now, however, it does not work so you can just email me the results by mentioning the game number, score, any cards that were issued or number of fouls. The game sheet can either be giving to Dominic Silvaggio or put on my desk. Otherwise, you can give it to a reliable student who the next day will give it to the secretary with the instructions to have the sheet put in Coach Doron's box.

How can I see the standings or schedule of my team

From the website click rseq laval and then on the left hand side, click the level of your team ie. cadet or juvenile from the list of sports listed. You can see the standings there which the coach needs to enter the score by 12 noon the next day. You can filter your schedule by choose your team and the click on go.   


How can sports psychology help my team?

I will invite you to browse over the general proposal I offer coaches and administrators by clicking here. We can offer your team an elearning platform that can help them improve their mental skills 24 hours a day 7 days a week, practice and game observations and sports psychology coaching tips throughout the season. 

How should I communicate messages to my team throughout the season?  

My general advice would be to get your captain or assistant captain to get all the phone numbers of the team and then he or she can send a text message to everyone very fast. I can also provide you with a list of all your players contact information and this way you can have more control over what messages are being sent your players.

What kind of training can you provide to further improve my coaching? 

Being part of RSEQ gives you added benifits. They provide training for the national certification program for coaches which takes place 18th and 19th of Oct, 22 and 23rd of November and 6th and 7th of December. You can see the full calendar by clicking here after which you can register online. Please let me know if you are planning on going. The shool generally pays for your training. One of the requirements if your team goes on to the regionals or provincials is that at least one coach has what is called the 3 R's. The next workshop takes place the 10th of December and the 25th of February at College Letendre at 6:30pm. Let me know if you plan on attending. 

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