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About Us

Flow in Sports is dedicated to guide athletes and students towards achieving sporting and personal excellence. We strive to guide students and athletes with the education and training in mental skills so that one can reach flow in sports. Our motto is "teaching success with positive sports psychology". 


How it Works


Coach Doron works with a variety of athletes and students with specific exercises and which can be done online through various free softwares so that immediate feedback can be given in relation to one's progress For example, click here to see how most of the work can be done through google's free online collaborating feature. This is ideal working with individual's and or teams. Coach Doron assigns work and is done online and sometimes you are given work to do in between meetings. You would be given readings in a variety of mental skills to learn more about the topic and show that you have mastered the concept. All of this is carerefully monitored by Coach Doron. Performance enhancement is realized through online consulting, phone coaching, email and, if available, personal consulting so that you may create, recreate and maintain flow in sports and in your life.

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Therapeutic Approach 

Flow in Sports works from a humanistic approach centering on the individual. Using a positive psychology concept, rather then focusing on one's weaknesses and liabilities, we identify an individual strength and thereafter cultivate it to allow one to floruish not only in one area but throughout all areas of one's life to maximize potential growth.  

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