10 Commandments of Flow in Sports
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10 Commandments

Listen to the radio interview with Coach Doron as he goes over the Olympic mindset and the 10 commandements of Flow in Sports. 

  Working with athletes, coaches and teams and students since 2001 have empored me to understand what it takes to get into flow . Some people get the taste of victory in their first season; others take two or more seasons. And others never get to experience this great feeling. There are essential ingredients for success as an individual and or a team. It does not have to be limited to sports but can also be extended in life. You can have flow in life, flow in the classroom and flow in sports. Without further due, here are...  

The 10 Commandments of Flow...

1. Thy shall always be 100% positive. Show me a video

2. Thy shall focus on the process and the results will come. Show me a video

3. There is no I in team (show me a video)

4. Thy shall demonstrate resilience towards adversity. 

5. Thy shall be professional and ask the right questions.  

6. Thy shall have a commitment to excellence while exuding passion. 

7. Thy shall understand and follow up on one's responsibilties and be accountable.

8. Thy shall believe in one's goals and be optimistic. 

9. Thy shall carefully follow instructions, learn from a combination of a) experience, b) others and c) mistakes while staying the course despite distractions, and setbacks. 

10. You and or your team will be asked to make one up and follow this self-made commandement. 

You can also have Coach Doron integrate these commandments with your team with the gold package for team workshops that would take approximately one month (show me).

Learn More about the 10 Commandments of Flow in Sports

You are encouraged to submit a post in the forum in sports psychology in the e-learning site regarding the above commandments. 

Deeper understanding of the commandments...

1. Thy shall always be 100% positive. Take something negative that happened to you and turn it into a positive. If there is an injury to a core player then this is an opportunity for someone else to lead. Show sportsman like behavour through winning and losing. This can also mean that you demonstrate sportsmanlike behaviour. Check out this video as acts of kindness can be paid forward. Being 100% positive also means that you do not publicly (or privately) criticize your teammates, coaches or administration. 

2. They shall focus on the process and the results will come. We are often pulled to focus on winning, scoring and results which for the most part are out of one's control. Rather, one should focus on things that are in your control such as good work ethic, staying positive, second effort etc. On and off the field avoid words like winning, scoring and replace it with what you need to do. In summary, focus on the process and the results will come.

3. There is no I in team might mean you might block a shot in hockey for your team. You will contribute to the future of the program even though you may not see the success of your action immediately (i.e. raising $ for a field that will only be realized in several years). You understand that as a team, if one person is late, this is a reflection of the team. If you leave your classroom or locker messy, this is the message that you are leaving others who use the facility after. The last person or people should clean up and better yet continually keep it clean so that the play you work and live in and be considered your second home while staying alwads clean. 

4. Image trying to getting university and simply furthering your education and getting rejected. Imagine having that happen 18 times! Read Coach Doron's bio in which he shows what to do despite getting 18 letters of academic rejection. Click here to go there right now.  

5. Shirt and ties on game day? Are you getting involved in the community? 

6. In any endeavor that you pursue, it will take time and dedication. Have a love for what you do. 

7. When you don't like something rather then ask why are we doing this, ask how can we make this work? Ask other questions such as how can I get better today? What can I do to improve etc. Teams should have responsibilities. Each person should know and understand their role even if it's a small one. Be accountable for your role. Be accountable for your actions. 

8. One of the most integral psychological characteristics of peak performance is belief. Believe in the tasks that you are doing. Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time oriented). 

9. Why are doing what you are doing? Although self-doubt appears, crush it with your determination, persistence and relentless pursuit of being the best in the world. 

10. Had fun seeing this nine times? Get inspired by the above and make one up yourself as an individual or team. Next step is to abide by it! 

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